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Links to the missing information

Due to some difficulties the webpage menu in English is missing . Here are some links to the information: Applying for Championship titles EKU foreign membership EKU qualified judges

Agility WC 2020 ticket refund

To get a refund for Agility WC 2020 tickets bought in 2019 Turku, please send following to scan/photo of the ticketname of the recipientbank account details


If you have problems with the website.

As we have completed the new website of, there may be problems with the functionality and appearance of the page during the transition period. Usually, the problems disappear in 2-5 days but it can be done faster.

If you have problems loading the website or the website does not look like it should, you would need to clear your browser's cache on the website.

This is because you have browsed the Kennel Club page before and various items are stored in your browser's cache for faster loading, which can cause problems.

How to solve the problem?

Press the CNTR + F5 button on your Windows computer or Cmd-Shift-R on your Mac, it will perform a "Hard reload" that will pick up all the original elements on the page again.

Thanks for your patience, it takes a while to get used to each new thing, but we'll do it all for your convenience to make getting information as quick and convenient as possible.

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