Airedale Terrier breed seminar at August 18

Airedale Terrier breed seminar at August 18

7. August 2019

Airedale Terrier breed seminar will be held for judges and all comers at August 18 in Tallinn (Estonia).

Speaker – International judge Valeria Rickard (USA)

The seminar will be at English – russian

At programme:
1 Standard of breed with comments.
2 Concept of Airedale Terrier breed, its “portrait” (type, temperament, movements).
3 Grooming features and preparing dog for the show.
4 Questions and Answers

Pre-registration is required not later than 08/13/2019, e-mail: .

The cost for exterior judges is free, for the other participants 17 euros.

SEB Pank EE301010220069373014.

Loe edasi

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