Christmas Show for Puppies and Veterans

Christmas Show for Puppies and Veterans

3. September 2019

15.12.2019 in Kristiine Spordihall (Forelli 12, Tallinn)
Start at 12:00.

Unofficial Show for Puppies and Veterans (no JUN CAC/VET CAC are nominated).


Kaidi Juurik (Estonia), Kristel Ratnik-Soosaar (Estonia), Rony Doedijns (Holland), Laurent Pichard ( Switzerland ), Stefan Sinko (Slovenia)

Baby Class (4-6 months)
Puppy Class (6-9 months)
Junior Class (9-18 months)
Veteran Class (over 8 years)
Breeder Class – 3-5 dogs breed by the same person (may be from the same litter)
Progeny Class – a dog and its 3-5 puppies (may be from the same litter)
Brace Competition – a male and a female from the same breed belonging to one owner

till 21.11.2019          Baby, Puppy, Junior, Veteran 20 EUR
22.11.-29.11.2019   Baby, Puppy, Junior, Veteran 30 EUR

Breeder Class, Progeny Class, Brace Competition FREE.


  • use online registration system OR
  • Send the entry documents (entry form, copy of pedigree, copy of receipt) to the e-mail or by post to Estonian Kennel Union Office (Alajaama 8, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia). Please write the Studbook number and breed of the dog as well as “Christmas Show” to the payment order.

Entry fees can be paid to:
* SEB IBAN EE571010052044654007, SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X. The payment receiver is Eesti Kennelliit.
* Swedbank IBAN EE522200221007123183, SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X. The payment receiver is Eesti Kennelliit.

INFO: e-mail:, phone: +372-5855 9020


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