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EKU official announcement about Coronavirus

EKU official announcement about Coronavirus

Dear exhibitors and dog lovers

Estonian Kennel Union and show organizers are following the information and risk assessments of the Estonian Health Board. Because the the risk of limited local transmission is moderate to high and the risk of local widespread is low, upcoming events are not cancelled.

To the International Dog Shows in Narva on 14.-15.03.2020 and to the National  Dog Shows in Tallinn 21.-22.03.2020 are not registered dogs from Coronavirus risk areas. Most of registered dogs are from Estonia, Finland and Russia. Also dogs from Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Norway and Czech Republic. Single dogs from Poland, United Kingdom and Ireland. Approximately 400-800 people are participating on both shows.

The organizers are doing their best to follow the advice of Estonian Health Board. From participants we ask monitor their health and stay home when symptoms occur.

Estonian Health Board advise.