The Organising Committee reserves the right to make changes if necessary.

Stefan Stefik, Bulgaria, to Panche Dameski,  Macedonia
Sean Carroll, Ireland, to William Blount, Ireland


SATURDAY, 14.04.2018:

Group 0 (Breeds not recognized by FCI).

Leni Finne, Finland – All breeds from Group 0

Group 2.

Inna Begma, Russia – Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asia Shepherd Dog, Miniature Schnauzer (all colours), Russian Black Terrier terjer

Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania – Rottweiler, Boxer

Miklos Levente, Hungary – Affenpinscher, Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Dogue De Bordeaux,German Pinscher,Great Dane (all colours)

Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Norway – Giant Schnauzer (both colours), Miniature Pinscher, Schnauzer (both colours)

Myriam Vermeire, Belgium – Appenzell Cattle Dog,Bernese Mountain Dog, Do-Khyi (TibetanMastiff), Hovawart, Landseer, Leonberger, Saint Bernard Dog (both hair types)

Jose Tomas Delgado Cabezas, Spain– All other breeds from Group 2

Group 3.

Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania – American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier,Miniature Bull Terrier

William Blount, Ireland – English Toy Terrier (black&tan), Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier,Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier,Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier,Norfolk Terrier, Norwich Terrier,Skye Terrier

Hisayoshi Kadowaki, Japan – Australian Silky Terrier,Australian Terrier, Fox Terrier (wire), Fox Terrier (smooth),Japanese Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, West Highland White Terrier,             Yorkshire Terrier

Anne Klaas, Estonia – All other breeds from Group 3

Group 4.

Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Norway – Dachshund Standard (long-haired, smooth-haired)

Volodymyr Shiyan, Ukraine – All other breeds from Group 4

Group 6.

Panche Dameski, Macedonia– All breeds from Group 6

Group 7.

William Blount, Ireland – Gordon Setter, Irish Red Setter, Irish Red And White Setter

Leni Finne, Finland – All other breeds from Group 7


Junior Handling -Inna Begma, Russia

The Best Puppy – William Blount, Ireland

The Best Junior – Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania

The Best Veteran – Myriam Vermeire, Belgium

The Best Breeder – Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Norway

The Best Progeny Class – Jose Tomas Delgado Cabezas, Spain

The Best Brace – William Blount, Ireland

Group 2 – Miklos Levente, Hungary

Group 3 – Anne Klaas, Estonia

Group 4 – Volodymyr Shiyan, Ukraine

Group 6 – Panche Dameski, Macedonia

Group 7 – Leni Finne, Finland


SUNDAY, 15.04.2018

Group 1.

Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania – Collie (rough, smooth), Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Myriam Vermeire, Belgium – Australian Shepherd,Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael, Malinois),Dutch Shepherd Dog (all hair types), German Shepherd Dog (both hairtypes), Schapendoes, Schipperke

Leni Finne, Finland – All other breeds from Group 1

Group 5.

Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania – German Spitz (all sizes, all colours),

Volodymyr Shiyan, Ukraine – Alaskan Malamute,East Siberian Laika,Finnish Spitz,

Greenland Dog, Jämthund, Karelian Bear Dog,Norrbotten Spitz, Norwegian Elkhound Grey,Norwegian Elkhund Black,Russian-European Laika,West Siberian Laika,Norwegian Lundehund, Samoyed,Siberian Husky , Jose Tomas Delgado Cabezas, Spain – All other breeds from Group 5

Group 8.

William Blount, Ireland – American Cocker Spaniel,Irish Water Spaniel, Flat Coated Retriever, Sussex Spaniel

Panche Dameski, Macedonia – Curly Coated Retriever,Golden Retriever,Labrador Retriever

Inna Begma, Russia – All other breeds from Group 8

Group 9.

Inna Begma, Russia – All Poodles (all sizes, all colours), Russkyi Toy (both hair types) Hisayoshi Kadowaki, Japan – Chihuahua (both hair types), Japanese Chin, Pekingese

Anne Klaas, Estonia – Boston Terrier,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chinese Crested Dog, Havanese, Shih Tzu

Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Norway – Griffon Belge,Griffon Bruxellois, French Bulldog, Lhasa Apso, Petit brabancon, Pug,Tibetan Terrier

William Blount, Ireland -All other breeds from Group 9

Group 10.

Miklos Levente, Hungary – All breeds from Group 10


Junior Handling – Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania

The Best Puppy – Anne Klaas, Estonia

The Best Junior – Panche Dameski, Macedonia

The Best Veteran – Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania

The Best Breeder – Myriam Vermeire, Belgium

The Best Progeny Class – Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Norway

The Best Brace – Volodymyr Shiyan, Ukraine

Group 1 – Leni Finne, Finland

Group 5 – Jose Tomas Delgado Cabezas, Spain

Group 8 – Inna Begma, Russia

Group 9 – William Blount, Ireland

Group 10 – Miklos Levente, Hungary

BEST IN SHOW – Hisayoshi Kadowaki