Show Catalogue of 16.08.2020


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Live broadcast from final competitions of Tallinn Winner

Live broadcast

15.08.2020 Tallinn Winner Catalogue


Ring 1 Annamaria Tarjan
Ring 2 Juta Haranen
Ring 3 Maret Kärdi
Ring 4 Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina
Ring 5 Dina Korna
Ring 6 Ramune Kazlauskaite
Ring 7 Mona K. Selbach
Ring 8 Helina Simberg
Ring 9 Olga Kupriyanova
Ring 10 Harto Stockmari
Ring 11 Marit Sunde
Ring 12 Ligita Zake
Ring 13 Stefan Sinko
Ring 14 Helen Tonkson
Ring 15 Vlastislav Vojtek
Ring 16 Ivo Ingraffia
Ring 17 Iveta Vojtekova
Ring 18 Vija Klucniece
Ring 19 Anne Klaas
Ring 20 Vytautas Baranauskas

NB! Changes in judges list of 15 and 16 of August

To the International Dog Shows on 15 and 16 of August are not coming for health reason Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki and Hannele Jokisilta.
Instead of Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki is judging Vija Klucniece,
instead of Hannele Jokisilta Maret Kärdi.

Registration to Tallinn Winner show reopen

GOOD NEWS! Estonian government has relieved requirements for public events starting from July 15, which means that there is allowed 2000 people take part from event.
We reopen registration for Tallinn Winner show on August 15. We welcome you to our shows and we remind you that regular price registraton is opened until July 15.

EKU office work during the holidays

Monday 22.06. office closed. Phones are open 10-15
Tuesday 23.06. office closed.
Wednesday 24.06. office closed.

Registration to the Tallinn Winner international dog show stopped

We announce that we have reached the number of 1400 dogs to Tallinn Winner international dog show held on 15.08.2020. Due to this we have stopped the registration!
It is still possible to register brace competition, breeder and progeny class. Also registration for junior handlers is still open!

You are very welcome to register to 16.08.2020 international Crufts qualification show. Registration for this show is open!

EKL show committee

“Estonian Winner” international show postponed

According to decision of the board of EKU ”Estonian Winner” international show has been postponed to October 24-25, 2020.

All participants will get an e-mail with all the necessary information on April 24.

Customer service of EKL bureau closed

Dear dog owners!

Due to the special situation in Estonia, the customer service of EKL bureau will be closed from Monday, March 16th. We do this to keep our employees and you safe.

Even though the office doors are closed, the work continues: documents can be sent to us by mail, phones will be answered and emails read. We can deliver the documents to you by post.

We hope for an understanding attitude and stay healthy!

EKL office

“Tallinn Winner 2020” has been postponed, registration stopped

The Estonian government has declared a state of emergency on March 12, which means also that the show committee of Estonian Kennel Union has stopped registration to international dog show ’’Tallinn Winner 2020’’ which supposed to take place on 18.-19.04.2020. This show has been postponed and show committee is actively looking for new dates for the show. All dog owners will be notified of the new date as soon as possible.

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